BIOMEDIS NEOGEN is a new development in the field of wellness based on the principles of endogenous bioresonance correction of the body with a biologically active connection. The NEOGEN device implements 2 unique methods of electromagnetic and acoustic feedback.


The BIOMEDIS NEOGEN device is a receiver-transmitter of an ultra-wide band (UWB) electromagnetic field of low intensity, with adequate characteristics for the occurrence of stochastic resonance (SR) in the object of exposure. It is proved that it is in the SR mode that the most qualitative perception of the information signal by living systems is carried out against the background of external and internal noise. Unlike previous versions of the devices, the BIOMEDIS NEOGEN device is supplemented with new operating modes. Additional modes use the Biofeedback Method (Biofeedback).


At the same time, balance is maintained between the hemispheres of the brain, as well as the nervous and immune systems. It influences physical, emotional, intellectual and social processes, ensuring optimal use of all the user's capabilities. In the process of using the device in biofeedback modes, physiological and biochemical reactions develop, the opposite of those that occur under stress. The essence of the Biofeedback method implemented in BIOMEDIS NEOGEN is to "return" to the user the current values of his physiological parameters, in the form of a Stochastic modulated UWB signal.


How does Biomedis NEOGEN help health?


  • Continuously supports physiological homeostasis and immunity.

  • It gives nourishment to the body - external energy and physiological reserves.

  • Provides regeneration - restoration of cell integrity and triggers rejuvenation processes.

  • Facilitates the course of any disease and accelerates recovery.

  • Restores the functions of all systems and organs.

  • Restores higher nervous activity, memory, thought processes, emotional and mental state.


BIOMEDIS NEOGEN has 2 modes of operation:


MODE 1. E. M. Feedback (Electro Magnetic feedback).


Biofeedback Mode (Biofeedback). The signal emitted by the device, reflected from the body, acquires a complex modulated character. So, the reflected signal will carry information about the neural activity of the brain, and various physiological processes occurring in the body. The reflected signal, once in the receiving path of the device, is demodulated (physiological rhythms are allocated). And then the radiation signal of the device is stochastically modulated by these rhythms. Thus, the Biofeedback chain is closed. As a result of the feedback effect, the mechanism of chemotaxis is activated, and the direction of biochemical processes changes in the direction of normalization of the cell. The target function of the "man-device" system is the user's intention.

Electromagnetic feedback. NEOGEN sends an ultra-broadband electromagnetic signal to the body. The signal passes through layers and is reflected from all systems and organs – skin, muscles, bones, cerebrospinal fluid, internal organons, and the cerebral cortex. The reflected signal is received by a special receiver and demodulated, physiological rhythms are allocated. So, the device "hears" all the physiological processes in the body - how red blood cells move through the bloodstream, how the heart beats, blood flows, hears your breathing, the work of neurons, literally everything that happens inside your body. The demodulated processed signal is amplified and returned back to the body. The biofeedback circuit is closing. Chemotaxis mechanisms are activated and the biochemical processes of the cell are normalized. Physiological and biochemical reactions develop, the opposite of those that occur under stress.


MODE 2. Audio F. B. (Audio Feedback). Biofeedback Mode (Biofeedback).


The user's voice is used as a measured physiological parameter. As the eyes are a mirror of the soul, so the voice is a reflection of health. Everything is interconnected in the body, and the parameters of the voice depend on the state of the nervous system, which organizes the work of all organs into a single, holistic process, which is a complex psychophysical act. NEOGEN reads the parameters of the voice at the moment of uttering a phrase by a person and returns the signal back to the user in the form of a modulated broadband electromagnetic signal. This leads to a stochastic resonance in the body.


As a result, the indicators of the central and autonomic nervous system change. Changes in the brain encephalogram are recorded. It is necessary to put positive intentions into the spoken text – prayer, affirmation, wish yourself health, joy. The use of NEOGEN in the voice feedback mode should be limited at the moment of bright negative emotions such as anger, irritation, severe fright. The ultimate goal of the symbiosis of the device and the person is to achieve a state that reflects the intention embedded in the spoken sound. With proper use of NEOGEN in the voice feedback mode, the physical and emotional state of a person improves.


  • Technical characteristics of Biomedis NEOGEN

  • Overall dimensions 68 x 38 x 17 mm

  • Weight 100 g.

  • The type of ultra-wideband radiation signal (UWB, UWB)

  • The spectral power density of the signal is not more than -50 dB/MHz in the range from 500 MHz to 130 GHz

  • The type of modulation is Noise-like

  • Supply voltage 3.7 V

  • Battery type Built-in LiPo battery with a capacity of 900 mAh.





"I have been using a test sample of the NEOGEN device for four months. I feel very strongly that I have more energy. I'll explain how the device works: NEOGEN reads all the parameters of the body, processes the signal and sends the signal back to the human body in order to eliminate the detected problems and harmonize the body by eliminating dysfunctions of all regulatory systems and activating self-regulation processes. The longer I use NEOGEN, the more convinced I am that the technology works perfectly! I believe that everyone should have NEOGEN, and I wish everyone to achieve their own incredible results!"



"The modification of endogenous therapy introduced into the BIOMEDIS NEOGEN device is a completely new opportunity in improving health. It is obvious to me that restoring health with NEOGEN will be faster and more effective. The device activates the reserves of the body, charges the body with energy, rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. Combining BIOMEDIS Trinity exogenous therapy and NEOGEN endogenous therapy, we will be able to get amazing results. I'm sure we'll hear about a lot of amazing results!"



"I have been testing the new BIOMEDIS NEOGEN device for 3 months. I'm excited about technology. I can say the main thing: the owners of this device have superpowers to realize their lives at a higher level in all its manifestations. Try NEOGEN yourself and you will gain super strength! I thank our developer Sabukhi Sharifov for implementing new technologies that are so necessary for people!"


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Biomedis Neogen device answered by the device´s developer).


Question: Which is the better way of application: keeping the device at a distance or close to the body?

Answer: Better pressing it to the body. But we need to understand that in the place you press the device there should be biologically active points or nervous knots-projections of the chakras. That's why we recommend the palms. The perfect way would be to put needles to the entrances of the biologically active points of the meridians and turn the device on at a distance of 50cm placing it with its back side towards you. With this way of application the results are achieved 100 times faster. 


Question: After turning on the device in mode 1 the sensor signal appears only at the beginning for 2 seconds and that's it and then after 20 seconds the REG flashing appears on the top. What does it mean?

Answer: REC appears after a loud sound. This function means the recording of the signal of device´s interaction with a human into the inner memory of the device. It lasts for about 1 minute. The activation of the sound recording was made to facilitate the work with the device without the ´third hand´. It does not affect the functions of the device. One should not pay attention to this. In the future the saved data can be transferred to the server to make an analysis and diagnostics of the body by connecting the device to the computer. There is a following principle: before making a procedure a person takes the device to his hands turned on in the mode 1 and makes a loud sound. The recording starts. After the it was recorded the data is sent to the server and there appear a diagram. Then a carries out a session. And afterwards records his state and this data is sent to the server. Then the data is being compared. All of this will be possible in the future. 

The constant REC when the device is in the case because there is a constant whirring of the case near the device´s microphone. And again it does not affect the functionality of the device. 


Question: When the device is on, will the presence of another person make disturbances for the device´s operation?

Answer: Yes it will. If the device is placed at a distance of 1 meter from you then it is desirable that the other person stays at least 3 meters away. If you hold the device in your hands or it´s on your body then the distance between you and another person should be at least one meter. But it is recommended to stay alone at the room.


Question: If the first mode is called ´Electromagnetic feedback` and the second mode is called ´Sound feedback´ the please specify if the device reacts the same way to the sound in the first mode as in the second mode. 

Answer: In the first mode the sound is used only as an additional button, i.e. only to start the recording the electromagetic feedback process. The sound itself is not being analysed and is not included into the therapy process. 
In the second mode the device uses the voice to be connected to a person. the voice gets analysed and the parameters of the radiation of the device are changed depending on the pronounced sound. I.e. in the second mode the sound is the key component of the therapy process. Herewith nothing is recorded. 

the recording of the signal to the device´s memory in the first mode is an extra function at the moment which does not affect the therapy process. You should not pay attention to it. 


Question: We have understood that the first seconds after being turned on, the device beeps for a few seconds and then stops and starts showing the pictogram. What if the beep does not stop and lasts constantly meanwhile the pictogram just shows a straight line? What does it mean?

Answer: It means it cannot adjust to you. Try to change the position. 

Brief conclusion on the work with Neogen device:

Helping the BIOMEDIS fans!


Question: At what distance should Neogen be placed with its back side towards the user in the ´Electromagnetic feedback` mode?

Answer: The distance can vary - from 0 to 50 cm. Here you have to understand and consider that the device sends special wide band signal to the body from its back side and immediately catches a signal reflected from all its structure entities and layers. This reflected signal is a sort of portrait of a person´s health condition and contains information about it. After a special processing and transformation, the device sends this information back to the body in form of treating enhanced signal.
That is why if there is an aim to treat a local problem or a certain organ, then it is better to place the device on the body in front of the corresponding organ. The the signal of the device will be reflected from this organ and the device will treat specifically this organ. if there is an aim to treat the body in general, then it is better to place the device at a 50 cm distance so that the device´s signal like a beam of a lantern lights up the whole body and then the reflected signal will contain information about health of the whole body. And the whole body will be treated. 


Question: How does Neogen work in the second mode? (`Sound feedback mode´)

Answer: In this mode the device is a retranslator of the pronounced wills, wishes, affirmations, prayers, etc. by a person. Neogen device receives the sound projection of a person, processes it, enhances it and sends it back to the human body in form of treating information through palms, on which the numerous biologically active points and energy meridians are located.