This device is a generator – emitter of high-frequency of electromagnetic field of weak intensity, with amplitude modulation of the carrying frequency. Frequency and shape of the modulation signal can be programmed (according to the chosen algorithm of work) us in gasynthesizer. Due to application of the last one, the high accuracy of setting the modulating frequency can be achieved. The device is equipped with a graphic TFT display 2.4. The manipulations with the device can be done through a touch sensitive keyboard. The device is powered by a built-in LiPol 550 mAh battery, which can be charged via the micro USB port of the device if necessary. The battery ensures continuous operation of the device for up to 15 hours in mode 1 (one). For communication with a PC, the device is equipped with a USB port (used to download programs and medical complexes from computer with the appropriate software). The same port can be used as an input for charging the device battery. As an external power source, a personal computer or a 5-volt power adapter with the appropriate connector can be used.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY is a device for multifrequency bioresonance therapy - stylish, reliable, easy to be carried anywhere and helps you to be sure of your health condition.

compact and convenient (48x92x14 mm)

bright contrast screen with touch panel

high-quality shockproof armored glass cover

three built-in emitters

possibility of changing the radiation intensity

up to 18 hours of continuous operation without recharging

4 modes of bioresonance therapy for exposure on the body at various levels

multifrequency mode with the possibility of adjusting the exposure time of frequencies

updatable software for PC and USB programmer included

unique health-improving complexes for every day

support of antiparasitic and therapeutic programs (frequencies of Voll, Schmidt, Rife)

technology of scanning and detection of resonant absorption frequencies of the organism

ability to run the device from any program

1 year guarantee

All devices are tested and have a warranty. Social discount - 10 % off for retired person, young families, disabled person. Buying in our store, you get original products directly from the manufacturer. You get a free online consultation. Paid orders are delivered anywhere in the world from our warehouses in the USA, Europe or Asia. Quality and safety of the products are confirmed by the certificates of the European Union, the USA, Russia and CIS countries:

CERTIFICATE of conformity (EU)
CERTIFICATE EMC (Electromagnetic Safety Certificate)


functional disorders of different genesis;

diseases of the central nervous system and sense organs;

disorders of the autonomic nervous system;

pain syndromes of different localization;

diseases of the circulatory system;

diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, skin and subcutaneous tissue, musculoskeletal system, urinary organs and genital organs;

poorly healing wounds and ulcers


Biomedis Trinity not only restores the damaged functions of the body but also treats infectious diseases. The device is capable of damaging the following types of microorganisms, without causing harm to surrounding tissues and organs:


HELMINTS - 33 species (nematodes, cestodes, flatworms)

PROTOZOA - 31 species (mycoplasma, ureaplasma, toxoplasma, lamblia..)

FUNGI - 61 type (candida, onychomycosis..)

BACTERIA - 59 species (staphylococcus, streptococcus, chlamydia..)

VIRUSES - 124 species (herpes, cytomegalovirus..)


Safe: Biomedis Trinity generates vibrations corresponding to fluctuations in healthy cells and organs of our body. It activates physiological processes which lead to the improvement of the organ that needs to be healed.Effective: Biomedis Trinity accurately affects every particular pathogen without harming surrounding tissues, and restores only that organ or system to which its effects are programmed and directed.Convenient: Biomedis Trinity is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to switch on the device, select the necessary sets of programs, start them and just continue doing your daily routine. Due to its compactness and low weight, it’s easy to carry it everywhere.



Operation of Biomedis TRINITY is natural and does not create anything unfamiliar or atypical for our body and mind. Only 100% secure and patented technology is used. The devices are authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and certified in Russia, Europe and the CIS.Biomedis TRINITY enhances the functions and systems of the body (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, and immune), improves organs efficiency, prevents early age-related changes, and maintains a natural balance. Due to its antiparasitic and purifying functions it provides infectious safety and promotes the removal of waste and toxic substances.
Biomedis TRINITY provides access to the reserve and hidden capabilities of the body. Working in the 4th mode, the device tunes your brain to what you want to do. Stay cheerful when you feel sleepy. Concentrate and tune in for studies and keep on working when you are under stress. Relax after a busy day. Choose the 4th mode work program that suits you best. Feel what your brain can do with the natural activation of its deep structures.



1. CORONAVIRUS PROTECTION, Моde 22. The Regulatory Centers Activator, Mode-43. CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION, Моde 24. Alpha for Peace, Mode-45. Stress Program-2, Mode-46. IMMUNE SYSTEM ACTIVATION, Mode-1 or 27. CORONAVIRUS THERAPY, Моde 28. Super Program-3, Mode-39. CORONAVIRUS SEVERE COURSE THERAPY, Моde10. CORONAVIRUS DAY TIME REHABILITATION, Моde 211. CORONAVIRUS NIGHT TIME REHABILITATION, Моde 212. A BASIC DAYTIME DETOX FOR MEN, Mode-1 or 2 ***13. A BASIC DAYTIME DETOX FOR WOMEN, Mode-1 or 2 ***14. A BASIC NIGHT TIME DETOX, Mode-1 or 2 ***15. ACNE, Mode-1 or 216. АDENOIDS, Mode-1 or 217. ADNEXITIS, Mode-1 or 218. ALLERGIC DERMATITIS, Mode-1 or 219. ALLERGIC RHINITIS, POLLINOSIS, Mode-1 or 220. ANEMIA, Mode-1 or 221. ANGINA ATTACK, Mode-1 or 222. ANGINA, ARRHYTHMIA, Mode-1 or 223. ANTI-FUNGAL, Mode-1 or 224. ARTERIOSCLEROSIS / ATHEROSCLEROSIS, Mode-1 or 225. ARTHRITIS, PAINFUL JOINTS, Mode-1 or 226. ASCARIASIS, Mode-1 or 227. ASTHMA ATTACK, Mode-1 or 228. BILIARY DYSKINESIA, Mode-1 or 229. BODY MUSCLES TONE, Mode-1 or 230. BONE FRACTURE, Mode-1 or 231. BRONCHIAL ASTHMA, Mode-1 or 232. BRONCHITIS, COUGH, Mode-1 or 233. CHICKEN POX, Mode-1 or 234. CHOLECYSTITIS ACUTE, Mode-1 or 235. COCCYX TRAUMA, Mode-1 or 236. COXSACKIE VIRUS, Mode-1 or 237. COLD, RUNNING NOSE, COUGH, FEVER, Mode-1 or 238. CONJUNCTIVITIS, Mode-1 or 239. CONSTIPATION, Mode-1 or 240. COSMETOLOGY FOR MEN, Mode-1 or 241. COSMETOLOGY FOR WOMEN, Mode-1 or 242. CYSTITIS, Mode-1 or 243. CYTOMEGALOVIRUS, Mode-1 or 244. DEMODICOSIS, Mode-1 or 245. DENTAL PROGRAM, Mode-1 or 246. DETOX FROM RADIONUCLIDES FOR MEN, Mode-1 or 247. DETOX FROM RADIONUCLIDES FOR WOMEN, Mode-1 or 248. DIABETES TYPE 2, Mode-1 or 249. DIARRHEA, Mode-1 or 250. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM RESTORATION, Mode-1 or 251. DIPHTHERIA, Mode-1 or 252. DYSMENORRHEA, Mode-1 or 253. EAR HEARING IMPAIRED, Mode-1 or 254. EAR OTITIS, Mode-1 or 255. ECHINOCOCCOSIS-ALVEOCOCCOSIS, Mode-1or256. ENDOMETRIOSIS, Mode-1 or 257. ENERGY RESTORATION, Mode-1 or 258. EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS, Mode-1 or 259. EYE GLAUCOMA, CATARACT, Mode-1 or 260. EYE HEMORRHAGE, Mode-1 or 261. EYESIGHT BASIC REGULATION, Mode-1 or 262. EYESIGHT HYPEROPIA, Mode-1 or 263. EYESIGHT MYOPIA, Mode-1 or 264. FLIGHT PROGRAM, Mode-1 or 265. FLU, Mode-1 or 266. FOOD POISONING, Mode-1 or 267. GALLSTONE DISEASE ACUTE, Mode-1 or 268. GASTRITIS, Mode-1 or 269. COLITIS, GASTRODUODENITIS ACUTE, Mode-1 or 270. GOOD STUDENT, Mode-1 or 271. GOUT, Mode-1 or 272. HAIR LOSS AND DRY SKIN FOR WOMEN, Mode-1 or 273. HEADACHE, Mode-1 or 274. HEALTHY HEART, Mode-1 or 275. HEMORRHOIDS, Mode-1 or 276. HERPES SIMPLEX TYPE 1 OUTBREAK, Mode-1 or 277. HERPES SIMPLEX TYPE 2 OUTBREAK, Mode-1 or 278. HERPES ZOSTER SHINGLES, Mode-1 or 279. HYPERTENSION BASIC, Mode-1 or 280. HYPERTENSION INTRACRANIAL, Mode-1 or 281. HYPOTENSION BASIC, Mode-1 or 282. INSOMNIA, Mode-1 or 283. KIDNEY STONE, Mode-1 or 284. KIDNEYS SUPPORT, Mode-1 or 285. KNEE TRAUMA, Mode-1 or 286. LAMBLIASIS, Mode-1 or 287. LANGUAGE, MEMORY, READING, WRITING SKILLS, Mode-1 or 288. LYME DISEASE, Mode-1 or 289. LYMPHADENITIS, Mode-1 or 290. MASTITIS, Mode-1 or 291. MASTOPATHY, Mode-1 or 292. MEASLES, Mode-1 or 293. MEMORY CORRECTION, Mode-1 or 294. MENOPAUSE, Mode-1 or 295. MIGRAINE, Mode-1 or 296. MUMPS, Mode-1 or 297. NAIL FUNGUS, ONYCHOMYCOSIS, Mode-1 or 298. NASOPHARYNGITIS, Mode-1 or 299. NECK MYOSITIS, Mode-1 or 2100. NERVOUS SYSTEM RESTORATION, Mode-1 or 2101. NERVOUS TIC, Mode-1 or 2102. OVARIAN CYST FOLLICULAR, Mode-1 or 2103. PANCREATITIS ACUTE, Mode-1 or 2104. PAPILLOMA VIRUS, Mode-1 or 2105. PARKINSON’S DISEASE MAINTENANCE, Mode-1 or 2106. PHIMOSIS, Mode-1 or 2107. PHOTODERMATITIS, Mode-1 or 2108. PINWORMS, ENTEROBIASIS, Mode-1 or 2109. PNEUMONIA, Mode-1 or 2110. POLIO, Mode-1 or 2111. POST HERPETIC NEURALGIA, Mode-1 or 2112. POST SURGERY PERIOD, Mode-1 or 2113. POTENCY ENHANCEMENT FOR MEN, Mode-1 or 2114. PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME, Mode-1 or 2115. PROSTATITIS, Mode-1 or 2116. PSORIASIS, Mode-1 or 2117. RHEUMATOID POLYARTHRITIS, Mode-1 or 2118. RIBS FRACTURE, Mode-1 or 2119. SCAR, Mode-1 or 2120. SCARLET FEVER, Mode-1 or 2121. SCIATICA, RADICULITIS, Mode-1 or 2122. SEASONAL COLD PREVENTION, Mode-1 or 2123. SHOULDER PAIN RECOVERY, Mode-1 or 2124. SINUSITIS, Mode-1 or 2125. SMOKING CESSATION, Mode-1 or 2126. SNORING CORRECTION, Mode-1 or 2127. SPINAL PAIN, Mode-1 or 2128. STOMACH FLU, Mode-1 or 2129. STOMATITIS, Mode-1 or 2130. STOMATITIS, ANGULAR CHEILITIS, Mode-1 or 2131. STROKE REHAB HEMORRHAGIC, Mode-1 or 2132. STROKE REHAB ISCHEMIC, Mode-1 or 2133. SUNBURN, SUNSTROKE, Mode-1 or 2134. TENNIS ELBOW, Mode-1 or 2135. THERMAL BURN, Mode-1 or 2136. THROAT SWELLING, Mode-1 or 2137. THYROIDITIS, Mode-1 or 2138. TONSILLITIS, Mode-1 or 2139. TONSILLITIS, LYMPHADENITIS, Mode1 or 2140. TRAUMA, HEMATOMA, Mode-1 or 2141. TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA, Mode1 or 2142. ULCERS OF GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, Mode-1 or 2143. URETHRITIS, Mode-1 or 2144. UROGENITAL REGULATION FOR MEN, Mode-1 or 2145. UROGENITAL REGULATION FOR WOMEN, Mode-1 or 2146. URTICARIA, Mode-1 or 2147. UTERINE BLEEDING, Mode-1 or 2148. UTERINE FIBROIDS, Mode-1 or 2149. VAGINOSIS, THRUSH INFECTION, Mode-1 or 2150. VARICOSE VEINS ACUTE, Mode-1 or 2151. WHOOPING COUGH, Mode-1 or 2152. WRINKLES REDUCTION, Mode-1 or 2153. Activation of Vital Energy, Mode-4154. Alpha Rhythms, Mode-4155. Alpha for Comfort, Mode-4156. Alpha for Physical Strength, Mode-4157. Altered State of Consciousness, Mode-4158. Anesthesia, Mode-4159. Anxiety Reduction, Mode-4160. Beta Rhythm, Mode-4161. Brain Frequencies Balancing, Mode-4162. Cerebral Support, Mode-4163. Children’s Program, Mode-4164. Conscious Dreaming, Mode-4165. Conscious Control, Mode-4166. Creativity Development, Mode-4167. Deep Relaxation, Mode-4168. Delta Rhythm, Mode-4169. Delta for Falling Asleep, Mode-4170. Depression Program-1, Mode-4171. Depression Program-2, Mode-4172. Depression Program-3, Mode-4173. Endorphins, Hormones of Happiness, Mode-4174. Energy Boost, Mode-4175. Entering a State of Drowsiness Before Sleep, Mode-4176. Exiting a State of Drowsiness After Sleep, Mode-4177. Hypnotherapy Suggestion, Mode-4178. Immune System Boost-1, Mode-4179. Immune System Boost-2, Mode-4180. Increasing Adaptation Resources-1, Mode-4181. Increasing Adaptation Resources-2, Mode-4182. Memory Support, Mode-4183. Metabolism-1, Mode-4184. Metabolism-2, Mode-4185. Mind Clearing, Mode-4186. Negative Thoughts Erasing, Mode-4187. Neurohumoral Regulation, Mode-4188. Occasional Regulation, Mode-4189. Out of Time-1, Mode-4190. Out of Time-2, Mode-4191. Overcoming Fears, Mode-4192. Schumann Waves, Mode-4 ***193. Self-Esteem Development, Mode-4194. Sexual Regulation-1, Mode-4195. Sexual Regulation-2, Mode-4196. Short Break, Mode-4197. Sleep Program-1, Mode-4198. Sleep Program-2, Mode-4199. Sport Program, Mode-4200. Stress Program-1, Mode-4201. Stress Program-3, Mode-4202. Stress Program-4, Mode-4203. Studying Program-1, Mode-4204. Studying Program-2, Mode-4205. Super Program-1, Mode-2206. Super Program-2, Mode-4207. Theta Rhythm, Mode-4208. Theta for Awakening, Mode-4

209. Theta for Inspiration, Mode-4

210. Theta Morning Freshness, Mode-4

WARNING! Biomedis Trinity is contraindicated in the presence of an implantable pacemaker.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY allows to use the advanced wellness multifrequency synchronization (MFS) technology for practical use in everyday life. The researches that were the basis of the MFS technology and correction methods, that are used in the device, are conducted in Russia, the USA, China, Japan, India and other countries.

Programs and correction complexes of BIOMEDIS TRINITY are based on several methods - method of bioresonance therapy, structural resonance therapy, transcranial stimulation, method of correction of psychosomatic pathologies. These methods are implemented in BIOMEDIS TRINITY through the newest unique technology of MFS, which allows scientific research and methods to be used on a completely new quality level, achieving high results of efficiency of the device application.

The researches that were the basis of the MFS technology and correction methods, that are used in the device, are conducted in Russia, the USA, China, Japan, India and other countries. Programs and correction complexes of BIOMEDIS TRINITY are based on several methods - method of bioresonance therapy, structural resonance therapy, transcranial stimulation, method of correction of psychosomatic pathologies. These methods are implemented in BIOMEDIS TRINITY through the newest unique technology of MFS, which allows scientific research and methods to be used on a completely new quality level, achieving high results of efficiency of the device application.


In the modes 1 and 2 the device operates according to the method of bioresonance therapy. There is used a standard program base for BRT. Programs are used to create complexes aimed to correct and prevent specific pathologies. Correction set of programs (complex) is compiled individually for each person. Purpose of programs for the modes 1 and 2 (BRT method):

1. strengthening and correction of functions and systems of the body (musculoskeletal, nervous, integument, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine, reproductive);
2. prevention of premature aging;
3. ensuring infectious safety;
4. body cleansing, elimination of toxic substances.

Purpose of programs for the modes 1 and 2 (BRT method):

strengthening and correction of functions and systems of the body (musculoskeletal, nervous, integument, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine, reproductive);

prevention of premature aging;

ensuring infectious safety;

body cleansing, elimination of toxic substances

In the mode 2, the BRT method is implemented through the multi-frequency synchronization technology (MFS). Therefore, the impact on body occurs not only through a network of blood vessels, nerve fibers, biologically active points on skin surface, but also through the water matrix and on the cellular and intracellular levels. As a result, the effectiveness of BRT increases significantly. Due to the simultaneous operation of three emitters in the device, the corrective frequencies enter body on three levels, resonating with the structures of organism, informing them of healthy vibration frequencies and stimulating organism to work for self-healing. Through the MFS technologies, the device implements methods of correction psychosomatic pathologies and transcranial stimulation. These methods are used in complexes in the mode 4. The method of structural resonance therapy is implemented through the MFS technologies in the modes 2, 3 and 4 (see the informational guidance "Theoretical basis of MFS").

In the mode 3, the basal rhythms of organism are affected. Basal rhythms are the initial, basic, deep rhythms of human, developed in the course of evolution. In a state of health, they are clearly defined and synchronized with each other. Thanks to the fractal interrelation between the modulation frequencies, there is achieved a restoration of basal rhythms and inter-synchronization of these rhythms on all functional-hierarchical levels of organism, returning the state of health. Complexes in the mode 3 are used as a mono correction for any deviations in the work of body and for prevention of diseases. They are also used in conjunction with the complexes of the modes 1 and 2.

In the mode 4, based on the differences in the physical parameters of individual parts of brain, several modulation frequencies selectively affect brain. These frequencies are correlated with the brain rhythms. There is carried out a multichannel effect on body on the same principle that brain itself uses to maintain homeostasis. There are stimulated deep, ancient structures of the human brain, responsible for managing the reserve and hidden capabilities of body.

The use of complexes in the mode 4 for the correction of psychosomatic pathologies is effective for achieving the following effects:

reduction of stressful influences, fast relaxation, fatigue relief;

improvement of memory and intellectual functions;

activation of learning processes and creativity;

in complex therapy of attention deficit disorder;

sleep normalization;

activation of recovery processes;

reduction of severity of chronic pain syndrome;

reduction of meteo-sensitivity, prevention of desynchronosis during the time zone changes;

improvement of physical working capacity;

concentration and mobilization of the will and resources of body;

improvement of mood and well-being;

changing attitudes towards psycho-traumatic situations;

in complex correction of alcohol and drug dependence;

decrease in the level of anxiety;

in complex correction of somatization disorders of the autonomic nervous system;

activation of hidden reserves and possibilities of organism.

Regular use of psychosomatic complexes in the mode 4 calms mind and relaxes body, synchronizing them and forcing them to work in concert, helps to concentrate more on the present moment. Psychosomatic complexes for the mode 4 are used as a monocorrection of psychosomatic problems. They are also used before using any other mode as an activator of body reaction to the exogenous electromagnetic field. In the modes 3 and 4 , as well as in the mode 2, there operate three emitters and affect on three levels: - through blood vessels, nerve fibers, biologically active points; - through a water matrix; - on the cellular and intracellular levels.

Scanning technology In the modes 2, 3 and 4, there is used the technology of scanning and detecting resonance frequencies of body absorption for accuracy and depth of the impact. When the program is turned on in specified modes, TRINITY scans body and identifies the resonance absorption frequencies of organism. The device adjusts and the impact of therapeutic frequencies occurs at resonance frequencies that are "audible" for body. Resonance frequencies of absorption, being in a functional relationship, constantly change their values; therefore, during the process of influence, TRINITY constantly adapts to these changes and maintains an adequate frequency of influence by the corrective signals. Due to this, the corrective frequencies penetrate body without hindrance, they affect deeper and more efficiently.

When turning on the device in the modes 2, 3, 4, the device has to be turned with its backside to body and to be placed at a distance of 30 cm for 3-5 seconds. During this time, there happen activation and initial setting of scanning technology.
The radius of effective influence. When using the mode 1, the device can be placed directly next to body (in pocket) or at a distance of 1 m. In the mode 1, it is desirable to place the device with its backside to body, otherwise, the efficiency is reduced. When using the modes 2, 3 and 4, the device should always be put with its backside to person. In the modes 2 and 3 the effective radius of influence is from 20 to 50 cm. If the distance between the device and a person is less than 20 cm or more than 50 cm, the efficiency is reduced.

When using the mode 4, the device should be placed at the distance of 20-30 cm. Duration and periodicity of using the device The correction is carried out by sessions; session is a one-time impact of a specific set of programs. If it is necessary, you can have several sessions a day. To obtain the result, as a rule, it is necessary to do a course of sessions. The average course of correction is 14-21 days. It is desirable to take a break for a few days between courses. You should take into account the individual characteristics of organism and recommendations for particular systems and programs.

Precautions when using BIOMEDIS TRINITY.

The device is contraindicated in the presence of an implantable pacemaker. People under influence of alcohol, psychoactive drugs, should not use the device. In conditions, which are dangerous for health, the use of the device should be carried out strictly in accordance with the recommendations of medical specialist and under his care.


Charge your device fully till the LED Red Light on the back is off and then fully discharge. It takes 2.5 – 3 hours and will expand the life of the battery.

It is very important to drink water when using this technology! (300 gram for each 10 kg of the body weight).

For the first-time users it is recommended to use basic complexes 12, 13, 14, for the first 3-4 weeks before using any other therapies, except Complexes for Acute Conditions. It’s important to use the right mode for each program.

For any chronic conditions, it is recommended to make an individual complex based on the test results and individual needs.

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