BIOMEDIS ACTIWAY bioresonance device


This is a device for maintaining the health and normal functioning of all organs and systems of the body.


The software base BIOFON-multi includes more than 1000 programs necessary for correction, prevention and preservation of the well-being. 
BIOFON-multi has a CE certificate and a declaration of the customs union. 
Attention! The device is contraindicated in the presence of an implantable pacemaker.


  • Only one button to control the device;
  • Three basic correction complexes in the device can be reprogrammed for any other individually compiled complexes with the help of software;
  • Multifrequency technology of impact to increase efficiency and reduce exposure time;
  • Two removable covers (bracelet and a cover with a clip), made of high-quality silicone;
  • Three options for comfortable wearing - on the arm with a removable bracelet, in the pocket, on the belt or the edge of the clothes with a cover with a clip;
  • The covers have a high degree of protection against moisture and mechanical damage.


The device works according to the method of multifrequency bioresonance correction.

Bioresonance correction is the impact of low-intensity electromagnetic oscillations of a strictly defined shape and frequency that causes a resonant response in the body. The impact on the body occurs through a network of blood vessels, a network of nerve fibers and biologically active points on the surface of the skin.

In the hierarchy of management of the human body, information processes are higher than biochemical processes. This makes it possible to successfully apply bioresonance electromagnetic correction to influence the control links of the human adaptation system. Any organism in a healthy physiological state has certain characteristics of its own oscillatory processes. With physiological abnormalities, the vibrational characteristics of the organism change. With the proper selection of the shape and frequency of electromagnetic interference, it is possible to enhance normal physiological fluctuations and weaken pathological ones. The reduction of vibrational processes in the body into a physiological norm contributes to the restoration of the optimal energy information process, on which depends the healthy state of the organism.

The device emits programmed electromagnetic oscillations of strictly directed action. Emitting occurs successively in frequencies patches. Frequencies included in a patch are broadcast simultaneously, ensuring the multifrequency nature of the impact. Multifrequency correction improves efficiency and reduces exposure time.


With the help of software, instead of basic complexes, you can download to your АCTIWAY any other three complexes made up of programs included in the АCTIWAY software base. Each program consists of a set of frequencies generated by frequencies patches. The total number of frequencies in the three complexes is limited to no more than 2000 frequencies. The total time of the loaded complex is no more than 7 hours.